Your People strategy, data driven

Reflect is the analytics tool for HR.

Get answers about your workforce in real time.

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Without Reflect

With Reflect

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Automated, reliable and historicised

Your People data centralized in a single source of truth

Reflect automatically and securely connects to your HR softwares, get the data on a daily basis, cleanses it and gathers it all in one place.

All your workforce metrics are available in reliable, up-to-date and fully automated dashboards.


Access best-in-class KPIs

Improve your HR strategy and make better decisions with Reflect metrics.

Don't know which metrics to track? Reflect selects the best ones and puts them together in comprehensive dashboards.

The data is historicized, you can go back in the past or even view the data in the future.


Explore your data KPIs

Dig deep into your data in a business intelligence tool that can be used without any technical knowledge.

Got a specific question about your employees? Find the answer immediately with Reflect data explore engine so you don't have to spend hours on Excel or hire a data analyst.

Filter the data by department, team, country or any dimension.


Give visibility and transparency to all

Share your dashboards with the HR department but also with Executives and managers. Empower your employees by giving them access to their department data.

Complicated to give access to confidential information to some of your employees? Manage permissions directly in Reflect to restrict access rights to salaries or reasons for leaving.

What our customers say about Reflect



People Operations Manager

I use Reflect all the time. And my team is using it more and more. It's amazing to see them using it autonomously. It's a true revolution for our teams.