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The Talent war, the Great Resignation, diversity issues as well as telecommuting are transforming the Human Resources (HR) industry, placing it at the core of the company strategy. It is now up to organizations, and particularly HR, to face these challenges. To do so, access to HR data is strategic. Indeed, HR data help inform, anticipate and measure decisions. Unfortunately, the fragmentation of HR softwares, the lack of training in data analysis and the sensitivity of HR data make the HR mission more complex than ever.

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Your People strategy, data driven

"You can't manage what you can't measure", Peter Dricker. Are you considering your salary increase process? Are you looking to reduce attrition in a department? Do you want to recruit more women into leadership positions? Do you want to measure the success of a remote policy? All these questions require access to data to know if you are going in the right direction. Unfortunately, these data are spread out in a multitude of tools, with little integration between them. How many of us have had to import CSV files into unreliable and unautomated spreadsheets, only to repeat the process the following week? And if, by chance, you have an in-house person who can develop your dashboards and indicators, the sensitivity of HR data makes the task tricky...

Reflect, a no-brainer

Reflect automatically integrates with your softwares (ATS, HRIS, Payroll, LMS, eNPS), retrieves and cleans data and delivers automated dashboards and indicators. You don't have to do anything: we take care of the integrations, the creation of the dashboards and the maintenance of the connectors.

Reflect is your partner in business.

We built Reflect as a collaborative and transparent solution. We know the responsibilities that HR carry when they are the only ones with the big picture of the business. From now on, you can make your employees, managers, executives and even investors autonomous when it comes to accessing indicators. Reflect is the companion to decision making: the right indicators, at the right time, for the right people.

Thank you!

Thank you to our first clients who trusted us: Welcome to the Jungle, Pennylane, Partoo and Batch. Thank you to our first employees who believed in our project and our mission: Aude, Alexandre and Jean. Thank you to our investors for accompanying us in this adventure: XAnge and especially Guillaume Meulle, Kima, Evolem, Roxanne Varza, Thibaud Elzière, Matthieu Birach, Déborah Rippol, Simon Dawlat, Romain Cochet, Emeline Bourgoin, Didier Kuhn, Romain Libeau, Camille Tyan, Céline Gallon, Pierre Antoine Dusoulier, Founders Future, Robin Choy, Agnès Chauvigny, Guillaume Alary, NevrSeen, Mikael Benfredj, Benjamin Bitton, Antoine Fabre, Mehdi Boudoukhane, Philippe Gelis, Jérémie Bordier, Simon Primack, Jonathan Widawski, Ilias Hicham. Be people first, become data driven, use Reflect.

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People Operations Manager

I use Reflect all the time. And my team is using it more and more. It's amazing to see them using it autonomously. It's a true revolution for our teams.